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Nilufer and Tokai celebrated 5th years of  their Friendship

Nilufer and Tokai celebrated 5th years of  their Friendship

A municipal delegation of Nilufer city visited Tokai city  between 20-24 September 2012 to participate in  the 5th year aniversary  celebrations of  being sister cities. Tokai  and  Nilufer are sister cities since 2007.

The members of  Nilufer delegation mayor Mr. Mustafa Bozbey, vice Mayor Mr. Recep Tanlak, councilor Mr. Metin Tuncel, mayor’s advisor and councilor Mr. Adil Kayaoglu have lived very special moments during their visit.

Nilufer mayor Mustafa Bozbey and Tokai mayor Mr. Atsuo Suzuki has also signed a protocol to regulate the relations of next 5 years . The framework of the protocol, including earthquakes. Two municipalities have decided to cooperate more intensively in all areas, as sports, folklore, art, culture and science activities. To ensure active participation of local civil society organizations include the protocol.

The Tokai municipality has selected Otagawa station area as the main central of Tokai city.
The Tokai city center has been formed around  the Otagawa station. Many buildins have been building and will be build around the station in next two years as hospital, university campus, cafes, shops, kindergartens, libraries.

Tokai municipality have builded a park which called as Nilufer fountain next to the Otagawa station to represent the friendship between two cities. Nilufer mayor Mr. Mustafa Bozbey  have brought a gift made of 15 pieces of famous Iznik tiles to replace the friendship wall in the Nillufer Fountain.

In the opening of the monument mayor of  Nilufer Mr. Bozbey,  "This monument will show our friendship to all the people who  will come here. Japanese, Turkish, and citizens of the counties  will see and speak our friendship for years. The friendship between Nilufer and Tokai  will continue to be developed by our children in the future." he said.

Also a “Turkish  Day” organized by the Tokai International Association for Friendship together with the Municipality of Tokai in 23 of September. Many people warmly and friendly welcomed the Nilufer delegation.

Nilufer delegation has also participated the Yokosuka festival which is a very important and traditional festival in the nort of Tokai city.