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Nilüfer which is the newest and most planned-organized district of Turkey's 4th biggest city Bursa, is named after the Nilüfer River which is flowing across her. Established in 1987, the Municipality of Nilüfer has created a city with modern standards in all aspects and today became an attraction center.

Nilüfer is surrounded by traces of history and the cultural and natural heritages that carry these traces, take the history of the region back to ancient ages. Historical richness of Nilüfer, has also been taken under protection by being registered by Bursa Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board.

The population is 282.991. The change during the years in the population structure of Nilüfer, demonstrates that the district is the most rapidly urbanizing region of Bursa.

The age distribution of the population is %28 aged 0-19; %64 aged 20-59; %8 aged 60 and over.

The slogan of Nilüfer adopted is ''Smile you are in Nilüfer''.

That means that people always have a smile on their faces. Because all round is adorned with the beauty of the Water Lily (Nilüfer) reflecting on the water surface. Nilüfer citizens smile because they are the administrators of the city rather than administrated. The progressive administrive means such as governing the city with citizens, governance, democratic pluralistic participation are processed with all institutions and rules within Nilüfer. And we all work very hard in our efforts for the vision of our municipality; to be a representative and leader local government and well-known at international level with our service standards and management excellence.

Nilüfer ranks the first place amongst the districts of Bursa contributing to the economy of Turkey and Bursa. The very first Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey has been established within the district of Nilüfer in 1961. In Bursa OIZ which is 6,8 million square meters wide, approximately 30 thousand workers are being employed. Nilüfer is governed by a municipality council with 31 members. The council is elected for a five year term.

Enhancement of the Natural and Built Landscapes

Elaborating on increasing the green zone ratio in urban planning and creating an urban environment at peace with nature, the municipality of Nilüfer is attempting to create an awareness through organizing afforestration campaigns annually. Before starting afforestration campaigns all park areas were in a state of empty, disused and garbage. Thanks to afforestration campaigns we have implemented, all these areas were renovated and purified from garbage and detritus, straightened and afforested. Students, NGOs, different clubs, associations supported our afforestration campaign and cios were planted with the participation of nature lovers. Agricultural maintenance of these areas saved from being garbage, were also carried out.

The Municipality of Nilüfer which provided a modern city environment for everybody to make sports activities free of charge by arranging 180 parks and playgrounds, 35 runways and equipping them with outdoor sports equipments together with Misi and Balat picnic sites also arranged Atatürk City Forest of a 150 hectares area with bicycle trails playfields and picnic sites and dedicated them to public. The purpose of this project is to give possibilities to the inhabitants of Nilüfer to spend their spare times with natural beauties and accordingly to raise people’s quality of life and make the area more liveable by equipping it with sports facilities, social facilities etc.

Both our parks and runways have the characteristic of qualified parks and runways with the trees, grass, ornamental plants, flowers, playing equipments, urban furniture and sporting equipments. Protection and maintance studies of all these green areas, capitalized through being converting to children’s playground and runway, are still carried on.

To highten the living qualitiy and health of the citizens particularly in urban areas to reduce the traffic volume and the excessive automobile dependence, to limit the negative impacts of those on climate change, to increase the consciosness, to progress improving the attitudes and to provide the participation of citizens enchancing the transportation systems are aimed with this project.

Experiencing a rapid urbanization process, special efforts are being spent for protecting and enhancing the green zones in Nilüfer. In this regard, within the planning works, the green zone per person was increased to the modern standards. The active green zone per person which was 2,5 square meters within the former plans, increased up to 43 square meters in current plans.

In order to strenghten the love of nature, every year drawing and poetry competition on the subject ''ENVIRONMENT and NATURE'' are organized and awards are given to the children and all participants ranking in the competition. In order to train students about gardening Nilüfer organizes ''most beautiful garden'' competitions among homes-sites even factories, arranges hobby gardens where citizens can make organic agriculture and meet with nature.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Nilüfer is a new district established in 1987 and a young settlement. But almost all of the 42 quarters and 22 villages within the borders of Nilüfer, are as different pages of history.

Through this feature, Nilüfer is surrounded by traces of history and the cultural and natural heritages that carry these traces, take the history of the region back to ancient ages. Such that, according to some researches Nilüfer hosted to the first settlements in the vicinity of Bursa. Together with these, many buildings such as mosques, monasteries, churches, hammams, train station, sample buildings of civil architecture and water fountains are registered as historical artifacts. Municipality of Nilüfer which is a member of the Union of Historical Towns since 2004, is carrying out many projects for the purpose of conserve and maintain the historical and cultural heritage of the region.

Municipality of Nilüfer attaches importance to cultural activities through Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate and strives to realize and carry on the social and cultural activities that are the indispensable components of the urban life.

In order to ensure the continuity of the activities Konak Culture House which includes a theater and cinema hall for 1090 people, working halls for dance groups, study and education rooms for photography, sculpture, painting and music activities library of art and a cafeteria, was put in service.

Yılmaz Akkılıç Library with the capacity of 15 thousands books, launchs unique applications overlapping with the privilege and difference principle of Nilüfer in services provided. Beside daily newspaper, internet and reading possibilities are also provided to inhabitants. Yılmaz Akkılıç Library was prized for ''The Library implementing the best public communication applications'' by Turkish Librarians’ Asssociation.

Along with Yılmaz Akkılıç Library, audible library services for visually disabled started with the cooperation of Boğaziçi University Technology and Education Center for visually disabled was enriched by the 45.000 Avro obtained from the Nilüfer Lions Association.

International research oppourtunities can be easily implemented in Nilüfer. Thanks to the international database opened for use, resources from every part of the world were provided to the researches in social sciences and literature.

A recreation study in Nilüfer vicinity that is supported by the encouragement award of the Union of Historical Towns, has been applied in Özlüce Church. In Özlüce Church which is one of the few historical buildings that maintain in Nilüfer vicinity and also which is known as the ''Hagia Sophia of Bursa'' for being used both as a church and as a mosque in the past, a careful renovation has been carried out. The building which was constructed in the 19th century as Greek Orthodox Church and transformed into a mosque after the population exchange in the first years of the Republic but has not been utilized since the construction of new Özlüce mosque, has been renovated in accordance with the project that it is also approved by Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board.

Historical Demirci Mosque, which is one of the registered buildings in Nilüfer and came down in the world while trying to bear the traces of time, revived after the renovation within the efforts of maintaining the cultural heritage by the Municipality of Nilüfer has refunctioned this historical building as a library which would meet the needs of the students of the region.

Misi is a settlement surrounded by four hills covered by forests, and established on a prone area. The area where the Gümüştepe Quarter of Nilüfer is today located, is one of the oldest settlements of Bursa. Today Misi is popular with the old houses remained stable with their authentic architecture. Therefore most of the buildings in the area which has been proclaimed as Urban SIT area in 1989, have been constructed in the mid 18th century and also it is presumed that there are some buildings dating from the 17th century. The municipality of Nilüfer, is working for protecting these buildings and making some of them functional by renovating. The Municipality of Nilüfer has primarily renovated the historical fountain and make it available, then renovated 3 buildings and brought in new functions as Misi Community Center, Misi Protection and Maintenance Project Office, cafe, science center and nursery. Within the efforts of maintaining the historical heritage that is also supported by the encouragement award of the Union of Historical Towns, face decontamination works in the streets of old buildings are still continuing.

In the March 2007, a new art center ''Uğur Mumcu Scene'' was constructed in the Ataevler Palace of Press and Culture. Uğur Mumcu Scene sufficient enough to respond the different needs of Nilüfer inhabitants with its capacity of 300 seat, sound-voice arrangement and simultaneous rooms hosts variable art and cultural activities.

Nilüfer theatre festival aiming to make Nilüfer ''culture-art, education, science and sport city of the future'' keeps its finger on the pulse of culture and art in the city and thanks to theatre festival held in Konak Culture House, Uğur Mumcu Scene and Fethiye Culture House, Nilüfer inhabitants find the occasion of watching both regional and national professional theatre plays.

Nilüfer has its own folk dance community. Nilüfer folk dance community represented succesfully Nilüfer in home and abroad. Since its establisment, Nilüfer folk dance community introduced our culture with the shows displayed.

Nilüfer made a unique application by presenting ''Sword-Shield'', one of the non-voiced traditional game of Turkey, with the accompaniment of music.

Nilüfer chamber orchestra consists of Music Teachers and Faculty of music education students.

Each year a number of events are organized these are getting larger by the year. These include ''Nilüfer Employee Film Festival'', focusing on getting audience better acquainted with the strugglement of worker and their life, ''Nilüfer Women’s Film Festival''; aiming to combat violence against woman, ''Nilüfer Eskikararağaç Stork Festival'' aiming to increase consciousness for nature and environment, ''Nilüfer Sport Festival'' organized in collaboration with the sistercities of Nilüfer; ''Misi Regional Flavors Festival'' which increases public awareness in history, ''Hasanağa Artichoke Festival'' aiming to introduce the Hasanağa artichoke to public; ''Gölyazı Environment Festival'' aiming to clean up the environment becoming extinct.

Nilüfer has its own workshops of ballet, drawing, sculpture, drama, photography and dance. Nilüfer also has multi -voice, youth, Turkish folk music and Turkish art music choruses.

Environmental Best Practices

Nilüfer Municipality has been making dedicated efforts for environment protection. In the framework of environmental training activities, Nilüfer Municipality publishes instructive brochures-posters and prepares billboards in terms of air pollution, water conservation, collecting domestic waste herbal oil, electromagnetic field pollution. Along with these applications, in order to raise environmental awareness in children, daily trips were organized to Solid Waste Storages and Water treatment plants where environmental cycle issues being raised.

Monitoring the air and water quality of the city regularly and also informing the public about the risks by the noise and electromagnetic field maps which are being prepared through the regular measurements, the municipality of Nilüfer is also bringing off master environmentalist campaigns such as collecting waste batteries, illuminating common fields in parks and sites with solar energy, collecting rainwater in store reservoirs for using them in garden irrigation.

Collecting average 4 tons of recycable waste daily and being entitled first in Bursa to receive ''ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems Certificate'' the municipality of Nilüfer is also executing practices on taking the greenhouse gas inventory by participating the ''Cities for Climate Protection'' network which has over 1000 member cities worldwide.

In the body of Nilüfer Municipality’s Animal Hospital Care and Accommodating Center, services for animals such as polyclinic services, examinations, pet care, owning-sale, operation, fighting with stray animals and sterilization, pension and accommodating services, vaccination, training activities, information services have been provided.

For defining environmental problems which effect Nilüfer inhabitants and developing solution techniques for these problems, managing pollution sources and eliminating negative effects of pollution to the environment, making domestic water accessible to inhabitants, controlling radiation appearing and threating the life standarts of Nilüfer, struggling with climate change, avoiding pollution derived from vehicles and disseminating the use of bicycle and public transit vehicles Nilüfer have adopted an Environment Manifest since the year 2011.

In order to do more, Nilüfer implemented projects focusing on the protection of environment. These include ''%100 Recycling House Project'' aiming to create a represantative area consists of sun energy systems; ''Watch out! Cycling can appear Project'' encouraging more people to use bicycle as a transportation vehicle; ''Sun Harvest Project'' aiming to obtain the lightening needs of ''Four Seasons Park'' from recycable energy sources and increasing awareness in public about using recycable energy sources in all the parks of Nilüfer; ''Nilüfer Carbon footprint project'' aiming to reduce carbon emission per capita in Nilüfer; ''Nilüfer Marriage Office'' producing its own energy.

In addition to projects implemented, Nilüfer also has taken many steps to make cycling more attractive than driving a car. Many activities, campaigns have been organized to raise awareness about bicyle use. The studies were started in 18th January 2007. The bicycle roads were located on maps, besides this each were surveyed on-site. The lenght of the roads was 26km. The lenght would be 59 km within this study. Besides this a bicycle lift was proposed.

For widening the use of bicycle and for encouraging and enjoying riding bikes, a pilot school was chosen. School was chosen according to the location where bicycle routes around it, also most of the school students living close to the school and the number of students are adequate. After that, Ali Karasu Primary School was chosen as a pilot school and meetings with the school administration has been carried out.

Along with these, further studies were implemented in the municipality. 6-8 persons Municipal Police Officers with bicycles and street sweepers with three wheel bicycles containing a dust bin has been proposed. Futhermore an encouragement system for personnel who ride on a bike to come to work has been proposed. Besides this a public bicycle service Line between Light Rail System Nilüfer Station- Nilüfer Governership-Light Rail System İhsaniye Station was designed. 20 public bicycles will be provided to citizens.

In order to strenghten the friendship between two civilisation (Nilüfer and Greece) cycling journey starting from Apolyont (Nilüfer- Gölyazı) one of the biggest cities of ancient civilisation to the Apollonia lake (Greece) was organized with the slogan ''Frienship voyage among civilisations''.

In the framework of ''Who is the most hard working?'' campaign, Nilüfer Municipality distributed bicycle to the most succesful students educating in disabled children schools in Nilüfer.

Community Participation and Empowerment

Nilüfer Municipality gives much importance to involving residents in the decisions that affect their daily lives. To achieve this, %80 percentage of 42 neighbourhood in Nilüfer, neighbourhood commitees were established. In order to manage Nilüfer more democratically and effectively, %30 percentage of decions taken in these commitees were actualized. Thanks to decions taken Nilüfer inhabitants take an active role in the services to be provided and guide the related institutions in line with their requests.

Nilüfer Municipality which supports the public-oriented management, opened the door of municipal council to Nilüfer inhabitants volunteer to participate in decision taking process. All Nilüfer inhabitants, represantatives of trade associations, headmans and youths having something to say and recommend can easily participate in municipal council and express their opinions.

Municipal council meetings are held with the participation of municipal council members, bureaucrats, headmans and public.

Nilüfer Municipality involves in ''Support to further implementation of local administration reform in Turkey project''. The overall objective of the project is to ensure effective, transparent, inclusive and participatory local goverment in Turkey through the organisation of training programmes, awaraness-raising events, study tours and by developing new tools including handbooks, guidelines, online tools and improving the already existing ones. The main activities of the project are grouped under five components. Nilüfer Municipality includes in Component 3 aims to strengten the capacity of the urban councils and other participatory mechanism to foster democracy, transparency, accountability and citizens’ involvement in local administration. For this purpose, a strategy for the promotion of participatory mechanism will be developed within the scope of Component 3, pilot projects and actions will be delivered involving co-operations between municipalities and civil society organisations at local level. And Nilüfer Municipality takes part as the pilot municipality of this projects. Following the completion of the project, the best practises of Nilüfer Municipality will be delivered among municipalities.

Nilüfer municipality applies citizen satisfaction survey in order to identify the satisfaction of citizens about municipal services. In citizen satisfaction surveys implemented, along with questions about municipal services, also questions about municipal personnel take place. With citizen satisfaction surveys implemented, it is aimed to improve municipal services by taking the views of citizens.

Within the Nilüfer City Council where the representatives of the state institutionsand organizations, professional organization, non-govermental organizations congregate within the citizenship law, the issues of the provience are trying to be addressed through common mind and reunification. The proposals exposed and developed within the City Council about the problems of the city are being submitted to the Nilüfer Municipal Council.

Another means of the participatory governing approach in Nilüfer is the quarter committees. The commitees led by the reeves, consists of the representatives of the; vestry, schools and parent-teacher associations if available, village clinics and family doctors, sports clubs and mosque associations and also the quarter representatives who are being elected according to the population size. Each committee determines the primary problems of their vicinity and submits the proposals to the municipality.

The Global Compact which is an international initiative and totally a volunteer movement is signed by Nilüfer Municipality in 18 December 2006. Every year, Corporate Social Responsibility Report, is prepared and published in order to present the performance of the Corporate Social Responsibility. Our goal is to sustain our leadership in local authorities and added value by advancing the participative, corporate and ethic administrative mentality and standarts.

We will develop our efforts that we started in order to reflect this awareness to all our related partners towards our corporate principles of ''transparency'' and ''accountability'', and spread them to our society and its corporations in the future.

Healty Life Style

The municipality of Nilüfer, with its approach that grounds on health in every area of life, has accomplished to be the one of the 7 cities in Turkey which has been approved as a member of the 5th Phase of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy Cities Network, through its efforts on urban development, environmental and public health.
Assuming health as a basic human right for everybody, the Municipality of Nilüfer, is targeting ''the happiness of people'', thus creating a healthy city, through the works ranging from urban planning to environmental and public health, from eliminating disparities and urban poverty to providing the needs of disadvantaged groups and through its efforts on rising the participation in urban administration.

Carrying out a unique practise in Turkey where the health services are being provided by the central adminisration, the Municipality of Nilüfer is carrying on a work that is targeting to ''prevent the formation of diseases'' in cooperation with Uludağ University. Within this work which is being implemented mostly in the rural areas with limited access to health services in Nilüfer, health conditions of 35 thousand people is being kept under control.

Along with these application, also studies focusing on ''protective'' health services, and a Health Fair are being organised annually. During 3 day period of the health fair, information and documents are being delivered to public and also free consultations and examinations are being made. Supporting these activities by social projects such as delivering milk to children suffering from growth deficiency, the municipality of Nilüfer is delivering daily 200 ml of milk to each student in state schools in the district and also examining juniors of primary schools for the purpose of early diagnosis of oral-dental health and visual impairments.

Preparing the Nilüfer Urban Health Profile in 2007 and the Nilüfer Urban Health Development Plan(2008-2013) the Municipality of Nilüfer is evaluating the projects which will be carried out in the city through the WHO Health Impact Assesment. Following these studies, making an application in 2009 for affilating directly to the WHO Healthy Cities Network, the Municipality of Nilüfer has been one of the 46 municipalities which have been affiliated to the Network of European National Healthy Cities 5th phase. In Turkey there are only 7 cities which are directly affiliated to this network.

Nilüfer has many initiatives to promote the health of its citizens. For instance in order to promote the use of bicycle as a transport vehicle and increase the amount of cycling tracks Nilüfer municipality has carried out multifunctional studies and increased the cyling track length to 60 km. In order to make sport an inseperable part of Nilüfer inhabitants, and give occasions to do physical activity Nilüfer municipality increased the number of running tracks to 35.

In accordance with the vision ''city of sport'' Nilüfer Municipality gives much importance to sport activities and in this framework Nilüfer Municipality organize ''Nilüfer Sport Festival'' that aims to raise awareness about making sport at a young age, stress both physical and social benefits of sports and bring brotherhood, friendship and sincerity to new generations.

As previouly mentioned, Nilüfer is keenly related with cycling. Another activitity which supports the dissemination of bicycle use is ''A 100 Years of Adventure'' implemented with the cooperation of Nilüfer City Council, Bursa general directorate of youth and sports and cycling federation of Turkey. For the honour of a couple losed their life by accident Nilüfer Municipality organizes traditional cycling tours with the cooperation of Nilüfer Municipality and rotary clubs.

In order to raise educational success, give importance the bicycle as a transportation and health vehicle, make people like it a way of life Nilüfer Municipality has been implementing a project with the slogan ''Who is most industrious?'' In the framework of this project; a bicyle has been presented to the children who have the highest success grade at the end of the scholar year at the state primary schools.

Strategic Planning

In the Municipality of Nilüfer where the participation perspective reveals itself within the relations with the nongovermental organizations, collobarates with city partners such as University, trade unions, political parties, academic chambers while preparing 5 years strategic planning.

Thanks to strategic plan; opportunities and threats were determined; slight and strong points identified; following internal and external analysis; among the alternatives suggested; the most convenient strategic alternative was selected. In order to respond the needs of stakeholders and balance the expectations, ensure sustainability and fulfill the legal obligations. Nilüfer Municipality prepared 5 year strategic plan(2010-2014). The plan is centred around the four themes of institutional, urban, social and economic development. The themes each have a different strategy has been developed following consultation.

Nilüfer continues to carry out sustainable development strategies. As a newly developing community, Nilüfer protects its resources and adopts eco-frienly strategies.

The plan emphasises the importance of healthy, quality and contemporary life standards and thus enable Nilüfer to be a district in which domestic waste collected regularly, solutions developed for environmental problems, pollution kept under control and conscious about recyling.

In the framework of planning future; our strategic plan aims to be participatory, transparent, and accountable in financial issues. And in Nilüfer Municipality all the necessities of strategic plan are performed.

The planning system placed community participative policy-making at its heart; and from the standpoint of indispensible basis of sustainable development is transparent, democratic and respectul local goverments to human rights; participation of all stakeholders’ is enabled in the process of decision-taking and application.

As Nilüfer Municipality in our modern and innovative administrative mentality; we have adopted a model based on ''integrated urban development'' and shaped with the common efforts of our employees, partners and citizens. Because; we believe that the thing that makes a place ''a city'', the thing that turns a concrete heap full of houses and streets into a place having a ''spirit'' and ''identity'' is the ''collective culture'' of the city. And we also believe that the essential basis of sustainable development are the local authorities that are democratic, showing respect to human rights, transparent, participative and giving account before the public.