Nilüfer City

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Mustafa Bozbey

Mustafa Bozbey

Civil Engineer MS.c
Mayor of Nilüfer Municipality
He was born in 1962 in Özlüce neighbourhood of Nilüfer, Bursa City.
He is married to Seden Bozbey and has a daughter named Side.


He completed his primary education at Özlüce Primary School and completed his secondary and high school education at Bursa Cumhuriyet High School. He has a bachelor degree in civil engineering department of Anatolia University Engineering and architecture faculty where he entered in 1980 He completed his graduate studies at the same university and graduated as a Civil engineer,MS.c In 1986 he began his professional life as a Project supervisor then he continued his Professional life with contract works related to his job. In 1989 he set up Bozbey Construction Industry and Trade Company. He implemented so many housing projects in Nilüfer and Mudanya districts. In 1996 he alienated his authorization and tasks in the Bozbey Construction Tourism and Trade Company after the elections of April 18, 1999.

Political Life

He became the third mayor of Nilüfer in the elections of April 18,1999 where he entered as a candidate of DSP for mayor of Nilüfer. Bozbey enabled the contemporary urbanization vision to Nilüfer ,a newly constructed district, after the five-year succesful work term, In March 28, 2004 he became a candidate for mayor of Nilüfer again. Bozbey win public’s approval with his successful works and for this time entered the election race with CHP, as a result of the reflection of the approval to the election chest,he became the first and single mayor win the elections for two term one after the other in central district and Bursa Political History by leading the way.In March 29, 2009 local elections he became the first mayor win the elections for third term one after the other.Bozbey entered the local elections as a candidate of CHP and won the elections with the approval of public by far the best difference,after the ten year studies creating a new identity to Nilüfer.

Social Duties

* Assembly member of Turkey Municipalities Union
* Council member of Marmara and Straits Municipalities Union
* Member of the Historical Cities Union * Member of the Healthy Cities Union
* Member of the Chamber of Civil Engineers
* Member of the Kemalist Thought Association
* Member of the Contemporary Education Cooperative
* Member of the Lozan Interchanging People Association
* Member of the Bursa Cumhuriyet High School Graduates Association
* Member of the Bursaspor Club
* Member of the Nilüfer Municipality Sport Club
* Member of the NilVak (Nilüfer Foundation)
* Member of the ANASİAD
* Member of the Bursa Rumelians Culture and Solidarity Association

The Awards

*2000 - Contemporary Journalists Association Bursa Branch Award for Contribution to Culture and Art.
*2002 - Atatürk Culture, Language and History High Foundation Award for contributions to the protection of Turkish language.
*2003 - KalDer (Turkish Society for Quality) 'Recognised for Excellence' public sector category (based on EFQM Excellence Model).
*2004 - Karaman Turkish Language Award
*2004 - Jury Special Prize EFQM Local and Regional Government Prize.
*2005 - City and Mayor Magazine 'City Awards'- District Mayor of the Year Award.
*2005 - e- Local Administration Services Award of TÜSİAD Association of Turkish Businessmen & Industrialists) and Turkey Informatics Association.
*2006 - KalDer (Turkey Society for Quality) National Quality Award public sector category 'Prize'
*2006 - 'Local Manager of the Year' Award in 'environment and health' category in the 'Local Manager of the Year' evaluation of Anatolia Local Administrations Magazine.
*2007 ' The friends of Public Health Manager' award by 'Public Health Association'
*2007 ' The county mayor of the year' award in the evaluation of Marmara Region ,'City award' by the City & Mayor Journal
*2007 ' The mayor of the year award' by the City& Mayor Journal in Turkey in the branch of 'Presentation and Public Relations'
*2008 ' 11.Traditional Consumer Award' in the implementation of Consumer Protection Act by The Consumer Protection Assosiation
*2008 ' Vocational service award' by Nilüfer Rotary
*2008 ' Finalist of Plaque' by European Foundation for Quality Management(EFQM)
*2008 ' The mayor of the year' by the Special Managerial Clerk Journalism in the branch of Local goverment awards-National Environment Conservation
*2009 ' The county mayor of the year' award by the Young Entrepreneurs and Governance Association
*2010 ' Representative Local Goverment Leader in Turkey' award by Kemalist Thought Association Bursa Branch for moving Atatürk’s principles and revolutions to the the future