Nilüfer City

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Mayor's Message

Nilüfer is the newest residential area in Bursa the fourth biggest city in Turkey, and exposed to intensive migration as an ''industrial city'' .Owing to being both housing estate and planned region it is the attraction centre of Bursa. Nilüfer, growing towards west and defined as ''the new face of Bursa'' is such as to be a representative model to Turkey with its contemporary city identity and modern municipality services.

We started journey for creating ''the future of Bursa'' on sound bases and made some arrangements to create an exemplary city.Municipality structure criticized for bureaucratic gawkiness and unable to respond to the today’s needs with its old regulation need to be arranged. Therefore we launched a reorganisation process in Nilüfer Municipality in 2000. We also launched Quality System foundation activities in this process aiming to respond the changing service demands of citizens,provide contemporary municipality services and use the resources more effectively. With the ''transparent'', ''participatory'' and ''citizen-oriented'' management system, In Nilüfer we implemented arrangements improving the city dwellerness,accelerating the speed of services that is in line with the with European Charter of Local Self Goverment, European Citizen Rights and Human Rights Agreements signed by Turkey.In the mean while,we made so many arrangements not only does release public from bureaucratic gawkiness but also make life easy and help them acccess relevant information.

This web-site that you are visiting at this moment is one of the technological improvements implemented with this perspective by Nilüfer Municipality.Thanks to this Web-site being a representative to the e-municipality applications in Turkey we provide facilities to our citizens such as reaching municipality without leaving home,making online operations via internet etc.For example our citizens could pay their tax depts to municipality via this web site by using their credit cards whereever they are in the world . In addition, without leaving home, they could receive information about the regulations concerning construction and current value ,they could fill declaration form,make construction licence application and trace of documents.In this web-site we also launced another ''primitive''as an expression of our ''transparency'' principle by locating a camera to the Mayor’s room and let the citizens watch the Mayor’s Office over Internet whereever they want.

Besides e-municipality applications being represantative to other municipalities, we got measurable all the goals and services in terms of rate and time. by enabling the tracking of workflow step by step. As a result of the studies oriented to the satisfaction of citizens and continuous
Improvement,Nilüfer Municipality became the first municipality received certification in quality management in Bursa. Nilufer Municipality ,receiving the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate in 12 June 2002, was awarded the''Jury Special Prize'' in the scope of local and regional public prize of EFQM and ''Competency in Excellence'' of European Quality Management Foundation.Nilüfer Municipality awarded the ''2006 Success Prize '' in the scope of ''National Quality Award'' of Kalder;In 2008 it was awarded with plaque due to being finalist in public category of European Quality Award period in which over one hundred institutions have competed.

We feel right proud of awarded with special prize in this process in which public institutions evaluated generally in Europe. With this proud and determination we try to create ''a city in which people live with pleasure'' and be a model not only to the Turkey and Europe but also to the world.

Mustafa Bozbey
Mayor of Nilüfer Municipality
Civil Engineer, MSc.