Nilüfer City

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Department Managers

IT Department

To coordinate all hardware and software products used/will be used by departments, to ensure that the municipality automation is always active and has back up, to carry out system analyze, program writing and system investment researches when necessary, to manage, share and analyze the knowledge with data received from information systems by coordinating city information systems, to ensure that management takes right decisions by manipulating the decision mechanism as a result of analyses in order to ensure the sustainability of the system in all departments of Nilüfer Municipality.

Internal Inspection Department Manager

Internal Inspection Department fulfills the following tasks as per the approval and order of Mayor. To carry out the periodical audits of the departments under the body of Nilüfer Municipality, to submit detailed reports to Municipality Management related to these departments, to define the defects and to carry out related legal proceedings about the employees causing defects, to give consultancy to the Municipality Management about the issues demanded, to carry out researches and examinations about the issues transferred to our department by Mayor.

Town Clerk Office

Mayor Secretary and Public Relations Department is responsible from systematically executing the relationships of Municipality Management with public, institutions and municipality departments; arranging public and press relationships in line with service policies and strategies; realizing advertisement operations of activities and ensuring coordination and information flow between Municipality and press.

Civil Defense Specialist

Responsible from taking protective precautions in our organization against enemy attacks, natural disasters, sabotages and great fires and reducing life and property loses; also from carrying out rescuing activities on behalf of Mayor.

Roads and Constructions Department

Roads and Constructions Department plans and implements the initiatives, super and infra structure works of the district within the framework of a determined program.

Parks and Recration Department

Our department is responsible from creating green areas, which are very important for the protection of environmental pollution and a beautiful Nilüfer, maintaining and repairing the current parks and green areas, implementation of projects developed with this aim, carrying out landscape arrangements of play gardens and resting areas.

Cleaning Services Department

Our activities include environmental cleaning before pollution starts to endanger human life, regular collection of domestic wastes; fast, hygienic and effective transportation of wastes to Hamitler Hygienic garbage storage, cleaning and washing bazaar areas, sweeping streets, cleaning mud and dirt of borders and activities related to Recycling project.

Transportation Services Department

Construction and City Planning Department

The proceedings related to every kind of real property are executed in line with the regulations of the Building Code by the Construction and City planning Department of the municipality


The main responsibility of the department is to execute the organization of Municipal Assembly and Municipality Council meetings, which are the decision-making organs of Municipality, in line with the legislation. Besides this, the department also executes the research and studies given by the Municipality. Sister city relationships are executed; archive materials registered by the departments are classified, kept and recorded. Marriage Office operates under the body of our Department.

Directorate of Legal Affairs

The municipalities are the public corporations established to meet the common and social requirements of the citizens and the authorities of which are elected by the citizens. Tasks and authorities of the municipalities are drawn by the Law.

Plan and Project Department

The responsibilities of PLAN AND PROJECT Department include collecting information/data, evaluating change information and data, carrying out feasibility studies and resource planning, developing a strategic plan for management in line with the national development plan, following its performance, making partnerships with European Union member countries and union organizations in the field of local administrations, examining fund resources within European Union and other foreign countries, contributing to research studies needed by other departments, establishing Quality/Environmental Management Systems and executing the planning process.

Support Services Department

It carries out activities such as Procurement, Sale, Servicing, Construction, Rental, formation of other rights of barter possessions, fulfillment of transportation operations as per State Procurement Law, Public Procurement Agreement Law, Public Procurement Circular Regulation in effect and "I" Table, follow up of material movements, counting the end of year inventory of Municipality and deleting the broken or damaged goods from the inventory list. It works to manipulate the municipality vehicles and tools at their maximum effective level, to execute necessary procurement operations to ensure the security of the Municipality employees and facilities, to develop and sustain the efficiency of goods.

Acounting, Budget, Exact Accounts, Reporting Sub-Department

**Income Realizations Follow-up Sub-Department **Documents Registration & Archive Sub-Department **Financial Auditing Sub-Department **Contribution Management Office 

Human Resources and Training Department

Human Resources and Training Department started to provide services in line with the decision of Municipal Assembly date 01.08.2007 No:35 regarding the principles of Municipality and Dependent Institutions Norm Staff Standards, which was published in official gazette date 22.04.2006 No:26147.

Cultural and Social Affairs Department

Realization of cultural activities within the territories of Nilüfer district is under the responsibility of Cultural and Social Affairs Department. Preparation, organization and realization of the activities and coordination of these activities are carried out by our department.

Health Department

Services executed in centers are detailed in Uludağ University and Nilüfer Municipality partnership protocol.

Veterinory Medicine Department

We aim at providing top-level services to Nilüfer citizens with the services executed by Veterinary Services. We provide Hospital Services, Housing and Rehabilitation Services, Epidemic disease fighting services and pest (insect) fighting services in Animal Hospital Housing and Caring Center.

Municipal Police Department

Bursa Nilüfer Municipal Police Department covers police chiefs, minions of the law (officers) and civil employees.

Administrating Department

OurDepartment is responsible from giving business license to wholesome and non-wholesome (2nd and 3rd class) organizations within the framework of regulations and legislation in effect and giving license to all advertisement panels and billboards in line with the procedures of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Advertisement regulation, except the ones located along the roads that belong to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Business administrations of Atatürk City Forest, Agricultural Hobby gardens, caravan tourism areas and Balat Picnic Area is now included in the responsibility areas of our department. 

Marriage Services Office

Ataevler Quarter, Emek Str.Basin Kültür Palace, 3rd Floor, No:19