Nilüfer City

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About Uludag University

Uludağ University aspires to develop students who are respectful to national values, thus equipped with a commitment to the cultural and historical values of the country, dedicated adherents of Atatürk by inculcating his sound principles on freedom of thought pertaining to contemporary, secular and democratic ways exercised by Reason and Science.

Bursa Faculty of Medicine (formerly under İstanbul University) which was established in 1970, and Bursa Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences which was founded in 1974, formed the basis of Uludağ University. This growth continued apace with the establishment of Busa University in 1975 which took on its current name in 1982 and has been successfully continuing its educational services ever since. Uludağ University has grown into a network consisting of 10 faculties, 2 high schools, 1 school at undergraduate level, 15 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 3 institutes, 18 research centers and 5 departments under Rectorate.

Uludağ University is situated in Görükle in the city of Bursa, approximately 25 km from the city centre. We have several associated regional campuses in the province of Bursa.